Monday, November 29, 2010

A place to lay our crafts

When you first start planning a wedding one of the last thing on your mind is the amount of crap you will accumulate and store in the 12 plus months before your wedding. J and I are notorious pack rats, now with the addition of our wedding supplies storage and having a clean work place to complete our DIY projects has become a huge issue. Our current apartment is a whopping 600 square feet with the an awkward layout that leave’s the 200 square feet that make up our kitchen and dining area unusable the majority of the time. We’ve had to get pretty creative with our space planning and in the couple of years we’ve lived here have managed to carve out enough closet and storage space to store our wardrobe and all of our various nick knacks and books. This weekend we were finally able to create a space for me to store the growing craft supplies collecting and laptop that are currently occupying our living room and bedroom.

Motivated by the piles of craft supplies that J and I purchased early in the morning during Joann’s Crafts black Friday super sale we headed to our neighborhood Home Depot. Thirty minutes later and 60 dollars lighter we had all the supplies we needed to create this.

Now don’t be fooled by its tiny size. Contained within this little nook is my huge collection of bridal magazine, my ever growing collecting of craft and sewing books, our printer/scanner, newly acquired cricut(!), and every craft and sewing tool needed to complete our long list of DIY tasks. The amount of storage space we created by adding 2 shelves and a desk top may seem minuscule but thanks to my new work space we have relieved our living room and bedroom of all of the clutter that was making it difficult to keep our home clean.

Have you created a dedicated work space and storage area for your wedding supplies?

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  1. We have a 2 bedroom townhouse (that is super small) and the 2nd bedroom has basically been converted into "the wedding room".. Lord help us if we ever try to have someone spend the night, lol! We've been engaged for a 10 1/2 months and still have 11 1/2 to go and we already have SO much!

    Your work space looks so organized!