Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Real or Fake?

Silk flowers have a bad rap. Let’s be honest when you think of a silk flower bouquet you think of something like this-

While not completely unfortunately this bouquett is screaming take me back to the 1980 and I frankly am not a fan. My opinion of the silk flower started to change at bridesmaid S recent wedding. Unfortunately I do not have any pics of S and her bridesmaid’s bouquet but believe when I said they were amazing.

During the planning of one of our mutual friend ST wedding S mentioned to her that she may want to consider silk flowers for her bridal and bridesmaid flowers. Choosing to go with silk flower would allow ST to show case flowers that would otherwise not be in season and would reduce the amount of prep that S would have to complete the evening before the wedding. ST choose the silk bouquets and just like S’s flowers hers were amazing.

I’m still not 100% sold on silk flowers my love for flowers run deep and I think I would miss the feel and smell of the real think. I’m going to talk to S this weekend when we meet and see what her and her mom can create for us out of silk maybe once I see a mock up I’ll be able to commit. What do you think silk or the real thing?

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  1. Sometimes nice silk flowers end up costing just as much as real flower. I think the thing to remember is to know what flowers are in season because they will cost less.