Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DIY or Die!

I love crafts. As the daughter of a very talented seamstress I’ve always valued handmade goods and now that I’m at a stage in my life were I care about the appearance and comfort of my home I prefer to craft my own linens and curtains over store bought. The same goes for our wedding. I love the idea of creating a day full of details that we and our family have crafted together and I also hate the idea of paying someone for goods that we can create for ourselves.

The DIY wedding movement is going strong in the indie wedding community and it’s easy for a bride to feel pressured to crank out everything from DIYed invites to napkins and even catering. The decision to DIY all or a portion of your wedding should be a personal decision made between a bride and her groom. For J and me it was an easy decision. DIY and crafts were a huge part of our lives before we began planning a wedding and will continue to be after. In DIY many of the elements for our wedding we hope to infuse our day with some of our personal style and share with our guest some of our favorite hobbies.

So far on our list of DIY projects are all of our paper product, screen printed table runners, ceremony chair pillows and a portion of our wedding attire. I’m hoping that by choosing crafts we have experience with we will reduce the amount of time and money wasted on trial and error. I’ll probably be eating these words once we get closer to June but right now we are enjoying the creative process behind our projects and the extra time spent together on our projects.

We’re in the beginning stages of a lot of our project and I’m excited to begin sharing them with you! To start things off here’s a sneak peek at our heart shaped yarn pom poms and yarn pom pom garland which we will be using to decorate our bar and cake table. I’ll be posting a detailed tutorial (my first!) within the next coming day so stayed tune!

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