Monday, November 8, 2010

"We believe colors can't clash"*

Yes Jonathan Adler you are speaking my language! I'm a color freak I mix it with abandonment and live by the mantra that done right no color can clash. Being the color freak that I am I spent a long time finding our perfect color inspiration and it finally came in the form of this little print by artist Charley Harper.

I love Charley Harper's prints, his amazing use of color and simplistic illustration make for beautiful bold statement. I first came across the work of Charley Harper and the Blackburnian Warbler illustration in my beloved Handmade Modern book. I loved the bright punch of color the unexpected combination of pool, chartreuse and orange and knew that I wanted to incorporate his work and this print into our wedding. The obvious choice for me was to use the print as the bases for our color scheme. To mellow out the 3 colors and to add a bit of masculinity we added in a slate gray and ta-da we had our wedding pallet!

I love our color pallet. All four color are are present in our daily lives whether it be in our wardrobe or interior design. It makes me happy to know that the color pallet we've decided on is very us and representative our own personal style.

How did you land on a color pallet? Do you have one or are you flying by the seat of your pants?

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  1. OOO! I LOVE your color pallete! We're doing white, pool blue and chocolate brown (with splashes of bling). Those colors have always been some way or another in our lives. House decor, bedding, bathroom, etc.