Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aint nothing but a number

Hope everyone had a joyful Thanksgiving weekend! Apart from spending time with family and friends and stuffing our faces with yummy turkey I found myself thinking a lot about our upcoming wedding and the argues task of trimming our guest list.

For budget and personal reasons J and I are choosing to limit our guest list to 85 people. At first I wasn't to worried about our bite sized guest list. We never wanted a large wedding and both liked the fact that we would be celebrating our union amongst people we had a personal connection to and not distant family and acquaintances we're not close to. As time has gone by though I've began to worry that due to our small numbers our wedding would feel more like a large dinner party rather than the fun dance party we had originally envisioned.

Instead of the packed dance floor and late night after party we've always wanted I've begun to envision a mellow dinner and early send off and I'm not happy. All of this changed this weekend as we sat down to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Let me start by saying that J and I are the opposite of most Hispanic American peps you might know we have a small extended family and our family gatherings usually consist of just our immediate families and the occasional aunt our uncle. This year we were joined by my mothers cousin and family for a total of 13 people a small holiday gathering by most people standards. Sitting down amongst my closest family and feeling the joyful energy that poured out of us as we chatted and joked with each other all of my guest list fears melted away.

The warm fuzzy energy and merriment that was contained within the 4 walls of my parents dinning room is the same feeling that I have been worried would be missing at our wedding due to our small guest list. In hindsight I've realize how silly my fears were. The people we have chosen to be present with us as we join together are the same friends and family that have been with us to celebrate past milestones and will continue to be present in our lives for many years to come. After this weekend I am confident that our wedding will be filled with love and laughter and that it really doesn't matter if our dance floor is packed because the people dancing with us will be what matters not the amount.

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