Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Flower Power

The first vendor we booked when we began planning our wedding was our florist. This isn't because I'm a flower obsessed bride or because we hired a super sought after florist (even though they are super talented and should be!). No, the reason why J and I hired our florist so early was because she happens to be one of our closest friend. My good friend S has spent the last 5 years working as a florist at her mother flower shop in downtown Riverside. S and her mother are some of the most creative and gifted women I have ever met, the art that they can create with is amazing.

Since I trust S and her mom I haven't spent much time looking for floral inspiration, so far all this is all I have for centerpiece inspiration.

This was the first flower arrangement that really caught my eye. I love the vintage modern feel of this wedding and the combo of sleek modern containers and vintage milk glass bud vase is to die for!

I love these white on white flower arrangements and those orchids are incredible.

Again I love the white flowers used in this arrangement, this time the use of on single flower really make a bold statement. I also am a big fan of the paper wrapped vase and think this may help extend our tiny budget.

J and I are scheduled to meet with S and her mom this coming weekend to discuss our flowers and I've been wondering if I should dig up some more inspiration pics. I love the pics I currently have and would be happy with any combination of the 3. What do you think should I keep looking and present my florist with more options or call it a day and give them only 3 pics?

image courtesy of stylemepretty.com, greenweddingshoes,com and oncewed.com respectfully

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  1. I love the milk glass look too. When I showed photos to my mom, she laughed at me and said they were ugly. Sigh. At least SOMEONE will get the look they want!