Friday, November 5, 2010

Wondering Eye

I’m a fickle lover. I see something pretty and fall in love, that is until the next pretty pretty comes along and turns my head. For example take these lovelies-flateware 3_edited-1I first was introduced to these lovelies while browsing the In the Now Weddings blog. I loved the casualness of plastic flatware married with the formalness that the ornate pattern brings to them. Like the over eager lover that I am I feverishly began googling the bajesus out of these until I was able to track them down to 2 websites and At about 3 bucks per place setting they were about double what we planned to spend on renting/buying flatware for the wedding but I was willing to splurge on these bad boys based on the little extra oomph they would give to our tablescape.

So there I was credit card in hand available funds in the bank account ready to drop over $150 bucks on some forks and knives and then I got the email. The email from my crack dealer Ticketmaster announcing that these guys would be in town…


A couple of mouse click and instead of fedex bringing me pretty pretty forks the Ticketmaster gods delivered 2 tickets to what J and I agree will be one epic concert. J thinks I’m just rationalizing my purchase by saying I will not purchase my beloved flatware in exchange for my tickets and that I will cave to lust. He’s also worried that I may have my priority’s a little skewed opting to go see a concert than make a wedding related purchase. To this I said that I would not sacrifice my quality of life for our wedding his response to this? His quality of life includes having a fab wedding….folks I think I may have a groomzilla on my hands!

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