Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage Haul

Recently J and I spent an afternoon shopping in Old Town Pomona Antique Row in search of Vintage cake plates for our desert buffet (more on that to come soon!). We struck out on the cake plates but I was able to pick up these pretties to add to my wedding day look.

I was practically giddy when I came across the beaded clutch. I’ve been searching for a vintage embellished clutch for some time now and this one fit the bill perfectly. Based on the condition of the beading and the lining I’m guessing it’s at the earliest from the 70’s.

I’m not 100% decided on the earrings but at 5 bucks they were too good of a deal to pass up. My one grip about them is the left earring is missing one of its bottom tear drops. I’ve shown my mom and a couple of my bridesmaids to see if they notice the difference and they all agree that with my hair down the difference won’t be noticeable.

What do you think is the missing crystal negligible or should I keep looking for the perfect pair of earrings?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Flowers- The Details

Back in November I shared with you these flower inspiration pics-

After some discussion with our coordinator and florist we’ve narrowed down our flower to the following-

Our reception flowers will be a mix of tall short and bud vases staggered across the long table similar to the picture above. The tall arrangements will have a single stem of Phalaenopsis orchids in these vases I picked up at Target a couple months back.

I absolutely adored these vases at first sight. Unfortunately for me the store we were in only had 2 in stock so we had to spend several weeks visiting 4 different targets to collect enough for our wedding.

For our small arrangements we’ve been collecting milk glass bud vases from our local thrift stores and swap meet and they will have a mix of Fiji mums, tulips and ranunculus’s.

Since I trust my florist 100% I didn’t bring any bouquet or boutonniere inspiration photos with me to our meeting. The only idea I came to the table with was wrist corsages for my girls and hints of sparkle in the form of hand wired brooches for both their flower and mine similar to this picture-

Other than that our personal flowers are a mystery and I’m actually excited about it. Bridesmaid S and her mom are super talented and creative and know our wedding and personal style so well that I know on our day we won’t be disappointed.

Photos courtesy of- 1st pic:, and 2nd pic:,,,,, personal photo, discussion boards

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dress and BBQ

This past weekend my mom hosted a BBQ at our family home for the sole purpose of sitting down and speaking with my seamstress. While some may think it’s odd to discuss the details of a wedding dress over a plate of yummy yummy chicken and pasta salad to my ultra-traditional Mexican mom this is just the way things are done and I wasn’t complaining. we had an excuse to gather up our wedding party, pig out on tasty food and talk dress so like a good time all around.

After helping ourselves to some yummy food we sat down to discuss budget and what would look best on my body we came to the decision that the dress would be have a cap sleeve Illusion top sweet heart bodice with an A-line skirt with a high low heam line. Need a visual? Yea me too!

The bodice will be very similar to this one and will also include the crumb catcher waist detail-

The only exception will be the neckline which will be shaped similar to this one-

The skirt of the dress will be an A-line with my beloved high low hemline. I was a little worried that I would get some resistance when I shared my inspiration for the skirt but everyone including my mom were excited when I showed them the pic.

Next step will be to start sourcing fabric, I’m 90% sure well be going with a Silk Dupioni for the skirt but as of today I’m undecided on the type of lace for the bodice. I’m leaning towards an Alencon lace but budget will determine our final decision.

Construction on the dress won’t begin until about the 1st week in April which sounded kind of late for me but she reassured me that the construction and fittings shouldn’t take more than a month so all should be good to go for our June wedding date.

So what do you think? Am I crazy to wait until 2 months out from our date to begin construction on my dress?

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Mullet of Wedding Dresses

My obsession with what I like to call the mullet of dresses began with this picture of Carey Mulligan at the 2010 Academy Awards.

Adorable right? The drama and tradition of a train with fun and sass of short dress I was in love. My love grew deeper when I stumbled upon this wedding on Oncewed.

Perfection. The hair, the shoes and the dress! She’s fabulous and so is her wedding and I instantly wanted her dress.

Fortunately for me and all you other mullet dress loving brides dress designers seem to be picking up on this trend and a quick search brings up this pretty from Watters-

This dress from Davids Bridal is very similar to the one from Oncewed-

And the cherry on top of is this beauty from Amsale a bubble/ high low hemline!

I haven’t had a chance to sit down with my seamstress to discuss dress design but guaranteed this hemline will be high on my want list!

Images courtesy of,,,, and respectfully.