Friday, January 28, 2011

Flowers- The Details

Back in November I shared with you these flower inspiration pics-

After some discussion with our coordinator and florist we’ve narrowed down our flower to the following-

Our reception flowers will be a mix of tall short and bud vases staggered across the long table similar to the picture above. The tall arrangements will have a single stem of Phalaenopsis orchids in these vases I picked up at Target a couple months back.

I absolutely adored these vases at first sight. Unfortunately for me the store we were in only had 2 in stock so we had to spend several weeks visiting 4 different targets to collect enough for our wedding.

For our small arrangements we’ve been collecting milk glass bud vases from our local thrift stores and swap meet and they will have a mix of Fiji mums, tulips and ranunculus’s.

Since I trust my florist 100% I didn’t bring any bouquet or boutonniere inspiration photos with me to our meeting. The only idea I came to the table with was wrist corsages for my girls and hints of sparkle in the form of hand wired brooches for both their flower and mine similar to this picture-

Other than that our personal flowers are a mystery and I’m actually excited about it. Bridesmaid S and her mom are super talented and creative and know our wedding and personal style so well that I know on our day we won’t be disappointed.

Photos courtesy of- 1st pic:, and 2nd pic:,,,,, personal photo, discussion boards

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