Monday, November 1, 2010

Day of the Dead love

This past weekend J and I on a whim found ourselves partaking in the Day of the Dead celebrations at Olivera Street in Downtown. For those who have never had the pleasure of spending some time at Olivera Street I highly encourage you to go. The street is not really that large, maybe a city block but it is jammed packed with vendors and yummy restaurants.

The Day of the Dead celebration was out of control incredible. The Mariachi bands playing were amazing and made me want to start revising our budget so we could afford hiring one one and all over the plaza there were these amazing alters dedicated to passed loved ones.

One of them even had a faux cake that was topped off with one of the best Day of the Dead cake toppers I have ever seen.

I was hoping to find a similar topper while we were there but unfortunately we were only able to find ones that look like this, and I'm not to sure that my catholic mother would approve.

Although I was unable to find a cake topper I didn't come home empty handed. This little guy is a print of Javier Ramos Lucano painting Juntos Hasta La Muerte ('till death do us part).

Although the illustration doesn't fit with the style and theme of our wedding I would love to some how incorporate it into our wedding. Any suggestions I'm thinking maybe thank you cards?

image; Tesoros Trading Company

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