Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vintage Decor

I shared with you in one of my first post J and mines desire to infuse our wedding with some mid-century style but until now haven’t shared any of our decor plans. One of my favorite ways that we are incorporating our mid-century aesthetic into our wedding is with some of our current home décor accessories. Our house is sprinkled with a large number of thrifted and inherited collections and pieces that I hope to cart with us for our reception and cocktail décor.

First is J’s collection of vintage cameras. I’m thinking of using these to decorate our cocktail table instead of fresh flowers.

J and I are both huge readers and have amassed a small collection of vintage books. Some of the books in our collect are over a hundred years old.

The 2 pieces I’m most excited about are J’s late dad’s sewing machine and his mom’s tiffany blue type writer.

The typewriter was a gift to his mom from J’s grandma when they first emigrated from Mexico to the US. J’s grandma wanted his mom to land a job in an office and gave her a typewriter as a way for her to learn to type. The sewing machine also has a special meaning to J and his family. It was originally purchased by J’s father at a yard sale and was used by his dad to sew and mend his clothing. Both pieces have a special meaning to J and his family and I’m happy to have something from both his late father and grandmother present at our wedding.

Last is our Depression glass cake knife.

I purchased the knife one day when we were window shopping in downtown Pomona. The owner had it labeled as a butter and cheese knife but I really didn’t care; it was so cute and vintagy that size didn’t matter. We’re not planning to have a large formal cake so I’m confident that our little knife will be able to do the job.

I’m super excited to infuse our wedding with a little bit of our personal items. It also makes me happy to know that once our wedding is done and over with these items will sit in our home and serve as a reminder of the day we became man and wife.

Are you bringing in any of your current personal belongings to decorate your reception?

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  1. What a cute idea... I love all the vintage items! If I had anything that cute I would def consider bringing it along.