Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ring Song*

J is a classy guy. He has a well-defined personal style and knows what he likes and doesn't like to wear. When the subject of wedding bands came up J was adamant that all he wanted was a simple sterling silver band with no frills. Easy enough, I added it to our long list of things to buy and called it a day. J ring didn’t cross our mind again until a month later when we were window shopping in one of our favorite antique districts in Covina.

While I was eying up a vintage handbag in one of our favorite antique stores J eye wandered over to the jewelry case and found this-

A simple sterling silver wedding band! Being vintage J was pretty certain that it would be way too small for his sausage like fingers so we were pleasantly surprised when it fit him like a glove. We were completely smitten, so smitten in fact that we neglected to ask for the price prior to shop owner ringing us up. Imagine our surprise when she told us it only cost $15 bucks! The ring is everything J had asked for its simple but classic and has a hefty weight to it with all the markings to indicate that it is indeed sterling silver.

And because I love some ring porn here’s another pic of the ring along with one of my very own e-ring!

*sing it if you know it!

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