Monday, December 27, 2010

For the Curvy Girls

If you’re like me images of bridesmaids in vintage/anthropologiesque dresses make you swoon.

If your also a plus size bride with a bridal entourage ranging from petite to plus like myself making your vintage vision come to life can feel as unobtainable as your goal weight. True vintage plus size dresses are few and far between and due to their rarity come at a premium price and vintage style retailers such as Anthropologie and Modcloth only carry dresses up to size 14. So what’s a curvy girl to do?

Well my friends that’s where my new best friend LucieLu comes in. is an online boutique specializing in plus size clothing ranging from 1x to 5x. Their clothes are a wonderful mix of classic and vintage silhouettes with just a dash of trendy and bring to mind all the lovely dress I’ve longed for at Anthropologie.

While I haven't received my first order from them yet a quick Google search resulted in a boat load of positive reviews for the quality of clothing and customer service.

I can guarantee you one of these beauties will be making an appearance in our upcoming e-pics with a couple of more making their debut at my shower and rehearsal dinner!

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