Friday, December 3, 2010

DIY Resource-Royalty Free Images

I’m a DIY bride. I love spending hours on a craft project or invitation design and knowing that it’s destine to shine on our big day. I like to think I have a good eye for design and have the skill to execute the craft projects that are currently sitting on our to-do list but when it comes to putting pen to paper and drawing out the need design motifs for our wedding paper I hit a wall.

I have zero drawing skills but fortunately for me websites like and exist to provide vector images to the artistically handicapped like myself. At about 15 bucks for a medium size image the images on Istock and Veer are not cheap but if you’re like me with little to no ability to draw it’s a nice alternative to paying someone to custom design your invites for you.

Veer even has editable invitations available for download, for about 30 bucks you can download this vintage lovely.

Needless to say I love me some Istock and Veer but one of my favorite image resource is this book.

Repro Depot Pattern Books are in one word amazing. Included in each book is a CD with 75 pattern designs in 3 different color combos. The patterns are saved as jpeg files which means unlike vector images from veer and Istock you are able to paste these images into any projects made with word, paint or power point. Also in the book are step by step instructions 10 craft projects including this Japanese inspired stab-bound book. How cute would it be for a guest book or ceremony programs?

Repot Depot Pattern book retails for about $25 dollars but when you consider the amount of images that come on the CD it’s quit a bargain.

I hope this post encourages some of you artistically challenged brides to consider DIYing some or all of your paper products. With the right resources and tools even we drawing handicapped can have beautiful DIY wedding paper!

Images courtesy of and Repro Depot Respectfully

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