Monday, December 13, 2010

Its Not You....It's Me

It’s over friends. I have officially broken up with my Google readers.

It’s not the readers faults its mine. Every day that it plops a fresh crop of wedding porn at my feet makes me second guess all of the wedding decision we’ve made and I’m officially over it. So bye bye reader it’s been real but it’s time for this bride to stop day dreaming about wedding inspiration and get her wedding craft on.

Have you bid farewell to any of your favorite wedding blogs in exchange for wedding sanity?


  1. I definitely had to stop reading a lot of the 'pretty' blogs. I still like to read planning blogs, but the 'inspiration' got to be overwhelming.

  2. :(

    totally understandable though!

  3. Totally agree Elaine!~ I couldn't cut myself off completely all off the real bride planning blogs are still in heavy rotation!