Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Lips are Sealed

Am I the only one that though they said long as I see you? Yea I didn’t think so but I digress this post isn’t about my annoying habit of mishearing song lyrics. No ma’am today we’ll be discussing my annoying habit of under sharing.

You’ve heard of an over sharer well I’m the opposite. The intimate details of my personal life are on a need to know basis and I very rarely offer up information about myself and my life to people I’ve barley meet. I’m the type of person that will sit with a coworker at lunch and listen to them share details of their weekend but when questioned about my weekend my response is usually a brief fine thank you. It’s a personality quirk that has often gotten me labeled as cold and unfriendly but those who know me best accept this quirk and understand that when I do confide in them and share details of my life it means I have 100% trust in them.

Now you’re probably thinking Vee you do realize this blog is public for anyone to read and what the shiz does this have to do with weddings? My answer to that is blogging provides a veil of anonymity that real life doesn’t our wedding day on the other hand will put a big ol’ spotlight on me and J and our (very) personal life. Wedding by nature and especially DIY wedding like ours are meant to be a personal reflection of the couple and the best ceremonies are crafted to reflect the couple and provide guest an intimate glimpse into their lives together.

See the problem? I’m a little anxious about not only being the center of attention on our wedding day but also putting J and I relationship and private life out there for all to see. Lucky for me J and I have come up with some wedding day strategies to help ease my anxiety and make our day feel more personal us and our guests.

· Keep our guest list small. Every single person on our list is near and dear to us and have watched us grow together as a couple. Our guest list is currently hovering at about 65 and I couldn’t be happier with it.

· Have a first look. The first time J and I see each other on our wedding day will be just the 2 of us and our very stealth photographer. This moment will be just for us and it’s the part of the day that I’m looking forward to the most.

· Have a close friend officiate our wedding. My sister/MOH boyfriend of over 4 years has stepped up to the task of officiating our wedding so there won’t be any need for us to share details of our relationship with a stranger for our ceremony.

So tell me are you an information hoarder like myself, do you have an personality quirks reeling their ugly heads as you plan your wedding?

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