Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Memory of...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

In typical Vee & J fashion we spent our v-day out shopping at our local Costco and feasting on Costco chicken bakes and hot dogs. Now before you start feeling sorry for us thinking that our relationship is devoid of all things romance you should know that Valentine’s Day has never held much importance to us. See, about 15 years on Valentines Day (6 years before me and J ever meet) J’s father lost his battle with liver disease and passed away. Needless to say February 14th is no day for celebration in J’s family and our relationship.

This was a huge sore spot for me in the first couple years in our relationship. What can I say I was young, dumb and selfish and didn’t understand how the death of J father meant I didn’t get flowers on v-day. Yea, I know I suck and I looking back feel like a total jerk for ever making a day that holds so much sadness for J all about me. Hopefully I’ll be able to right some of these wrongs and honor J’s dad on a day that his absence will greatly be felt, our wedding day.

One of J few possessions from his father is his father’s wedding band.

We’ll be handing this precious over to our florist this week before our wedding for her to incorporate into his boutonniere. It’ll be a small but important visual reminder of his father on our wedding day.

How do you plan to honor your departed love ones on your day?

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