Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dessert + Buffet = Love

I love dessert. Given the choice between a gourmet dinner and desert my choice would be dessert every time. That being said it may surprise you to know that our wedding cake ranks pretty low on our list of wedding priorities. Don’t get me wrong I adore a beautiful wedding but unfortunately is stretched to its max and there is no room for us to go over budget on our cake.

Sucks I know. What’s even suckier is that I’ve recently fallen in love with the idea of a dessert buffet. With pictures like this can you blame me?

Sigh, a dessert buffet like the ones above by the ever so talented Sweet and Saucy Bake Shop are for sure unobtainable with our meager budget but J and I have been kicking around some ideas that could bring my dessert buffet vision to life.

For starters to display all our goodies we’ll be using cake stands and trays that we currently own. If we find that we need more we’ll hit up our local thrift store and swap meet. This will keep our display cost to a minimum and leave the bulk of our budget for actual deserts.

As for the actual cakes and desserts we’ll be taking a semi-DIY approach. We’ll be purchasing the actual wedding cake from a local bakery but to cut cost we’ll purchase a smaller cake that feeds about half our guest list. The rest of the buffet will be a mix of yummy Mexican pastries that can be purchased inexpensively at our local panaderia and homemade goodies that hopefully we’ll be able to make in advance and freeze.

We’re still working out all the details and crunching the numbers to see if this will be a possibility for us but I’m crossing my figures that our dessert vision will become reality.

Image 1 courtesy of; images 2. 3 and 5 courtesy of sweet and saucy bake shop; image 4 personal photo

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