Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Hunting We Will Go

The ever elusive wedding venue. I had heard stories from my fellow brides out here in the trenches of finding the perfect venue but here in my little fox hole I was starting to think that finding the perfect venue was as possible as hitching a ride on a Loch Ness Monster. Hands down the hunt for the perfect venue was the most frustrating wedding related task I have handle in the past 9 month of wedding planning but I am proud to say that we have found our little venue gem. Don't think I’m going to give it up easy, like all good hunting stories our story has many ups and downs but rest assure it contains a fantabulous ending resulting in our victorious haul!

When the misters and I first embarked our wedding planning journey our hearts were set on finding a location in the heart of our beloved City of Angeles.

la skyline

Even after years of driving daily through downtown I still get giddy when I see my city all aglow.

Throughout our relationship the mister and I enjoyed a mutual love affair with our heavenly city and it has served as a backdrop for some of our most memorable evenings out. Almost from day one Downtown LA has played a large part of our wedding vision and I was determined to find the perfect venue to help make our vision come true.

Out I stepped onto the world wide web in search of the perfect venue to showcase our beloved city only to be blindsided immediately by pictures of painfully beautiful weddings and location. My brain went into over drive and I started fantasizing of having our wedding at wedding blog darling Smogg Shop or countless other LA wedding hot spots. Eagerly I began sending out emails inquiring about cost and availability and began stalking my inbox for the reply I hoped would bring me that much closer to our dream wedding.

smog shop green wedding shoes

The yumtastic smogg shop courtesy of greenweddingshoes.com

Yea……I must have fallen and smacked my head, once the return emails started coming it became painfully obvious that the cost of these venues would have equaled all if not more than our entire budget. Lessoned learned, blogtastic venue + large city= no bueno.

No worries…we picked ourselves off and continued on our merry way. I had learned my leason and began my search from scratch making it a point to avoid all wedding related website. If the site even mentioned weddings in passing I was out! Yes peps I was THAT scarred from my last experience!

soooooo…..did we succeed…….was I able to find perfect/ budget friendly wedding venue in my city full of venues to rich for my blood? Well my friends you will just have to wait till next time for the answer!

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