Monday, July 12, 2010

Flacky McFlakerson


So remember back in the day when I sat down and told you peps about my fabulous Mid Century Modern wedding, yea I totally dropped the ball on the whole blogging thing. Would you believe that my dog ate my blog?… No?……I didn't think so. 

To be honest readers I have the oldest excuse in the book….my computer died on me. My poor little budget nugget Dell laptop finally kicked the bucket and went to PC heaven. But never fear about a week ago the computer fairy in the form of the UPS man came and left this little nugget of joy.


Yes sirey that is my new fully loaded Dell Studio laptop. This little guy was a long time coming and is fixing to become my new wedding sidekick. I've already logged many hours working on this bad boy design our save the dates, organizing our  budget and guest list and of course getting my daily dose of blog-speration!

I have a lot of wedding inspiration to share with you and promise I will post more frequently.

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